High School

Zaevion Dobson: Remember the Name


-Fulton High School

What were some of the choices that you had to make when you were 15?

Should I do my homework or watch T.V.? Which shirt looks better on me? Should I eat pizza or have a sandwich?

Personally, for me, one hard choice was picking between optional football practices in the blazing summer heat or playing Madden in the comfort of my air conditioned room.

Some decisions like that don’t bear much consequence, and yet, it may take a few minutes and even a few hours to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

15-year old Zaevion Dobson didn’t have a few hours, let alone minutes to think.

A sophomore at Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tenn., Dobson was like many boys his age. He hung out with his friends, played video games, and was a member of the varsity football team.

However, he made a quick, impulsive decision that was made in seconds and held a grandiose weight in comparison to the everyday choices young teenagers make. (more…)