Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina


-AP Photo/Nicolas Aguilera


After a heartbreaking loss to Chile in the Copa America final on Sunday night, Argentina is left trying to recover and regroup.

It may have to move forward without one of the game’s greats, Lionel Messi, who announced his retirement from the international team on Monday.

The 29-year old soccer superstar is calling it quits on Team Argentina for now. If this is truly the end for him at the international level, he doesn’t owe Argentina anything more, nor should this year’s Copa America finals loss tarnish his legacy.

Some have already given him the title ‘greatest of all time,’ but others are holding off from doing so, pointing to his failures at the international level.

Well, it’s not completely his fault that Argentina has not won a major international tournament under his watch, since there are 10 other players on the field. However, most of the blame and attention gets placed on Argentina’s soccer messiah. Time and time again, pundits allude to the Albiceleste’s shortcomings in global play. When these losses occur, Messi is at the forefront of the blame.